Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Win-Win (2011)

Paul Giamatti once again proves he is the perfect Regular Guy in “Win-Win,” a comedy-drama about an elderly-care attorney who tries to pocket a few thousand dollars by pretending to play guardian to one of his clients (Burt Young, always “Paulie” to me). See, Mike Flaherty is barely sliding by financially. When the old man’s previously unknown teenage grandson (Alex Shaffer) shows up unannounced, things get complicated. Amy Ryan is Mike’s wife, and Bobby Cannavale plays the best pal, a guy so far in the closet, he’s hiding under the Christmas decorations. Director/co-writer Thomas McCarthy made two good films with “Station Agent” and “The Visitor,” but here he scores a home run. The drama is set on low, the comedy is pure human folly. When the old man’s estranged drug-addicted daughter (Melanie Lynskey) appears, we learn she is just as scarred as anyone else. Many laughs come from Mike’s stint as a wrestling coach, a sport the boy is quite apt at. Giamatti again creates a man who you want to see succeed but love watching fail, thinking, “That could be me.” A-

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